Le Petit Prince

Je n’entends jamais « Le Petit Prince », ni mes parents ne me l’ont jamais lu. C’était seulement quand j’ai déménagé à Paris que son nom m’apparaîtrait, temps-après-temps. Vous gagnez. Je trouve qu’en le lisant, je traduis parfois en anglais. Je dois m’arrêter, sentir les formes abstraites. Pour moi, les mots sont comme une enveloppe… Continue reading Le Petit Prince

La Ville de Parfum Fumé

Historiquement, Londres s’appelle ‘The Big Smoke‘ ou ‘La Grande Fumé’ (Quelquefois juste ‘The Smoke‘/’La Fumé’) à cause de la combustion du charbon pour réchauffer les maisons. Aussi, la ville était la naissance de la Révolution Industrielle. Ici à Paris, la immeuble de mon appartement peu les cigarettes tout le temps, beacoup d’autres lieux aussi. Six… Continue reading La Ville de Parfum Fumé

A Week In

I’ve been so tired that I have not been able to think or write. I arrived here on the 1st September, full of energy. So much that I’ve already made many mistakes. It was going to happen. Le Arc de Triomphe & La Grande Arche go unnoticed, as does the architecture, everything that I was… Continue reading A Week In

Nathi’s Desert Island

I haven’t received an invite to BBC Radio 4s Desert Island Discs, but I have given a lot of thought to my choices. I’m thinking now, that when it comes to music, I would be satisfied with just one song for my time stranded on a desert island. I’ve pretty much listened to just one… Continue reading Nathi’s Desert Island

A Week Left

Everything is confirmed now, I hope. It has been a difficult three months, balancing all the paperwork for this alongside my dissertation. It is a week until the penultimate day when I face one of the scariest decisions I’ve made in my life. A new life from a small suitcase. I thought leaving Bateson (my… Continue reading A Week Left

Hello world!

I remember a noisy internet of flashy gifs, an overload of text and images. An age where a YouTube vlog about someone’s stolen basket of soil received 100k views. There is something pure about that. Where the boring (mundane) or even low-budget could find an audience. I’m not being nostalgic for nostalgia’s sake. Nor do… Continue reading Hello world!