Nathi’s Desert Island

I haven’t received an invite to BBC Radio 4s Desert Island Discs, but I have given a lot of thought to my choices. I’m thinking now, that when it comes to music, I would be satisfied with just one song for my time stranded on a desert island. I’ve pretty much listened to just one… Continue reading Nathi’s Desert Island

A Week Left

Everything is confirmed now, I hope. It has been a difficult three months, balancing all the paperwork for this alongside my dissertation. It is a week until the penultimate day when I face one of the scariest decisions I’ve made in my life. A new life from a small suitcase. I thought leaving Bateson (my… Continue reading A Week Left

Hello world!

I remember a noisy internet of flashy gifs, an overload of text and images. An age where a YouTube vlog about someone’s stolen basket of soil received 100k views. There is something pure about that. Where the boring (mundane) or even low-budget could find an audience. I’m not being nostalgic for nostalgia’s sake. Nor do… Continue reading Hello world!