Hello world!

I remember a noisy internet of flashy gifs, an overload of text and images. An age where a YouTube vlog about someone’s stolen basket of soil received 100k views. There is something pure about that. Where the boring (mundane) or even low-budget could find an audience.

I’m not being nostalgic for nostalgia’s sake. Nor do I doubt there is any less of this kind of activity. If I search hard enough, I may find it. But there you go. The algorithms, the sheer noise of click bait and spectacle has the reigns. Peeps sometimes want boring chat.

So here we are. That is this site. Let’s not joke, it’s boring. 

And I love it.

Everything here is basic, albeit with a touch of design because I’m insufferable like that.

Worse still, I plan to practice my French writing and translation skills in public, right here for you to see.

Laugh at me, help me, or both. I know what the internet is like.

Enjoy, whatever your motivation for finding yourself here might be. 

L’Autre Nathi was started as an extra writing project alongside my existing website The Nathiverse. Except that is focussed on literature and art, I want some distinction between the two. Here, the content is very different. I thought, while I learn French in France, why not document (some of) my life in French as practice.

Good idea. Good idea.

And what’s with Winnie-the-Pooh? Truth is I love the absolute absurdity of it. I don’t quite understand how piglet and pooh are friends, as they are nothing but passively toxic to each other. Anyways, I like books. I love this one. There is something very mood about it, representative of me, of innocent wonder and tragedy.

In short, it started with the quote, then I got carried away (dEsIgN).

One thing is true though. In the spirit of A. A. Milne, I like to experiment with ways of writing. Formal writing is very limited.

Don’t expect that here.

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